Saturday, January 2, 2010

Who does O work for? Not you! American Kleptocracy

Zero Hedge has an excellent article Origins of an American Kleptocracy you should read it goes a long way in detailing the deep capture of our government by the TBTF banks.  However, before the election little was said about Obama's payoffs excuse me I mean donations.  There was an article on the democratic underground (after seeing the responses it received it is easy to see why some refer to it as the dummies underground)posted before the election but it was shouted down and hardly anyone paid any attention to how long they had been paying him off sorry there I go again donating to him.

If  you were wondering why Obama recently said his greatest achievement thus far is bailing out the banks clicking on the links will clear that up! It is only recently that the left began to whine about Obama's Big Sellout.  Did you know O has a favorite banker? Thats right long time payoff banker Jamie Dimon (JP MORGAN). It pays to donate he was gifted Wa Mu.

According to Matt Taiibi they are like vampire squids .  It seems eerily similar to Mafia like tactics wiping out the competition or Chicago style politics there seems to be little difference in my opinion thereby consolidating their power.  The left is now talking about disconnect from the reality of what the President is versus who they thought him to be.  Sadly the information was available before the election but no one wanted to look into the Manchurian candidate.  Of course before the election they chose to cry Racist time and again when negative information was disclosed.

The Banksters payback is not over either in a late day news dump right before the Christmas vacation in Hawaii (the cost of that alone could fill many of those food shelves he purports to worry about so much) he sneakily announced a continuing back door bailout for the Banksters via Fannie/Freddie enabling them to offload their toxic loans onto you the taxpayer. It is the gift that keeps on giving and costing you more. Oh and one more thing about that bailout billions NOT even close try Trillions the American Kleptocracy and O is the money master. Jump You F*#kers Jump and take our paid off politicians with you!

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