Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lie TV (Unemployment much worse then reported)

In days gone by we used to have journalists and reporters instead of paid corporate shills like we have today.  The old joke "thank you corporate news I'll write what I'm told to write" is no longer a stereotype
it is reality. It is becoming increasingly difficult as a result to find out the truth. Titles now belie the absurdity of the reporting they just can't bring themselves to come right out and tell you the ugly reality thusly we see titles like  "The job market: slowly getting less bad" WHAT??? and that brings me to another point about the mainstream news the lack of credibility. In the past they would actually investigate the news they were reporting on rather then just slopping out some Orwellian propaganda don't worry be happy crap and passing it off as if it were researched news.

Thankfully now with the internet bloggers are actually investigating the claims and breaking them down for you and speaking of the propaganda on jobs here are a couple of well researched  articles from bloggers that will give you the truth on jobs and it's not pretty! What was the unemployment rate during the great depression again?

Is The Government Misrepresenting Unemployment By 32%?


It is clear the mainstream news is either writing what they are told, inept, in love(oh the tingle)or all of the above. A couple other little reported or begrudgingly reported news "State Sales Tax Numbers - The Truth Appears" (thanks to a blogger and "The Baltic Dry Index is Collapsing" and you know what that means for more Americans Welcome to Obamaville!

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