Sunday, January 3, 2010

Your money will be safer in your mattress then a money market fund!

There is a campaign of sorts making the rounds online Move Your Money.  The idea is we all pull our money out of the bailed-out banks and put it in local banks that lend to locals. The TBTF (Too Big To Fail) banksters are globalists who have no loyalty to Americans and a little reported fact is that we the citizens of America were forced to bail out their counter parties in other countries they have a global stranglehold.

Interesting to note Obama said his biggest accomplishment is bailing out the banks if you click on the links in you will no doubt understand why (hint they paid him off starting as a junior senator and how ironic is it that he picked the very thing none of the conservative constituents liked and the liberals are now complaining about as well.
Americans of all political ideology can come together to help to break that hold by taking their money out of these banks and moving it to the local banks. Your money is just as safe at a smaller local bank or credit union that is FDIC insured and maybe even safer as the local banks were more prudent in their lending. In other words they were not motivated by greed for that alone I think they should be rewarded with our business.

Imagine the message this would send to the Obama Administration and the greedy bankers JP Morgan/Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America who have captured our government the banks who privatized the profits and socialized the losses!
This is the video associated with the movement it is based on “It’s a Wonderful Life” for more information on the movement and how you can make a difference GO HERE.

The Banksters payback is not over either in a day news dump right before the Christmas vacation in Hawaii (the cost of that alone could fill many of those food shelves he purports to worry about so much) he sneakily announced a continuing back door bailout for the Banksters via Fannie/Freddie enabling them to offload their toxic loans onto you the taxpayer.

It is the gift that keeps on giving and costing you more. Oh and one more thing about that bailout billions NOT even close try Trillions the banksters did not donate BIG MONEY to his Inauguration to watch him dance.  Of course people have been led to believe the Fed is an Independent agency but consider this the Fed is really a Fascist Cartel and Obama is the Mussolini running it.

If you want the donations being made in your name to the TBTF banksters to stop this is a good first step in making that happen. One last excellent reason to move your money if you have a money market account watch out your money would be safer in your mattress or a small local bank when THIS HAPPENS!{AC81D4FF-0476-4E28-B9B1-7619D271A334}&DE={24976878-26B8-4022-83BD-C87B205037F7}

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