Monday, January 4, 2010

Goldman Bankers are like Movie Stars and should be paid like such!

First it was they are doing "God's Work" and I wondered if they meant Lord of the Flies then Obama called all the Fat Cat Bankers to the White House to act like he was dressing them down but besides failing miserably and helping our government bring our country to the brink of collapse and privatizing the profits but socializing the LOSSES those banksters cannot seem to keep their mouths shut.

"It's a p.r. stunt," says an executive at one of the banks that will be getting a dressing-down at the White House meeting."

Now they are like "Movie Stars" and I suppose if they are likening themselves to the man who played Mr. Potter in "It's a Wonderful Life"  a twisted comparison could be made.

Scroll to 2:40 of the video . George compares bank talent to movie stars.

But I can assure you that all the Americans who have lost their jobs and living through the Obama Depression on nothing but food stamps or living in  tent cities will not find it amusing!  Nor will the hard working taxpayers who ended up footing the bill for these banksters huge bonus's because no matter how you slice it even if some paid back the bail out money they would have failed completely and our economy would crash wiping us all out with it or so we were told if we didn't pay them off which I believe to be a more accurate description of events.

Not to mention to this day they are being subsidized by the middle and slightly upper class (sorry but the reality is the poor are subsidized too through programs like the EITC  (Earned Income Tax Credit) a program in which they pay no taxes and get money back anyway from the rest of the taxpayers  and a host of other programs such as section 8, food stamps, Welfare, Medical Assistance.  I don't think I have to break it down to you regarding the Ultra Wealthy's many ways of avoiding too much taxes (like offshore accounts, write offs).

So who is really left to pay but the middle and slightly upper classes?

This is a bigger part of the picture people seem to be missing while there are those of you who might be outraged that I brought that up it is the reality and part of why our country is being destroyed.  It is a part of the New World Order  (OWN) plan to destroy the middle and slightly upper classes.  Nothing makes it easier to accomplish totalitarian control then poor, unarmed citizens.  To date they are well on their way of finishing off these goals and then we can all share the pain while the Elites share the gain.

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