Thursday, January 14, 2010

BANKSTERS hit Main Street $11 Trillion taken in Heist!

Below are some highlights from an article by My Budget 360. NOTE the $11 TRILLION DECLINE IN MAIN STREET WEALTH vs. how the Banksters are doing! Budget 360 is the same source that identified the great divide between Wall Street and Main Street.

Top 1 Percent Control 42 Percent of Financial Wealth in the U.S.

In today's article from My Budget 360 the author suggests the Financial Inquiry Commission not focus on the outrageous bonus's or even WHO has paid off President Obama or our other Politicians but suggests the breaking up of Commercial and Investments Banking. Here are some of the most significant details from the article the author says INSTEAD of focusing on these details in his opinion they should just break them up. I disagree these Banksters have cost Main Street $11 trillion dollars but I thank him for pointing that out!

(WTH let's just skip this? ) They cover the massive lopsided profits of the corporate banking sector and also examine the $11 trillion decline in household net worth.

The financial services sector has grown as a share of GDP for a solid 40 years. Even with the current crisis it doesn’t seem to have retreated all that much. For the most part, this has to do with the corporatocracy running the country. While virtually every average American has had to deal with the recession by watching home values plummet, stocks decline, and jobs disappear the financial services sector has somehow managed to maintain their share of the GDP pie. This is something that needs to be vetted in the FCIC hearings.

Tell us again why the people who caused this are being rewarded? Companies that American taxpayers had to bail out with billions of dollars use that money to reward their employees with bonuses. Jon Daily drives home the point in this clip from the Daily Show.

Here is another chart driving the point home:


American households have lost $11 trillion in wealth since the peak in the bubble.

Take a look at some of the banking stocks since the lows last March:


Thanks to the wonderful bailouts, the banking system has picked up right where it left off after it destroyed the real economy. Now, it doesn’t even need to bother with the real economy since it has unlimited funds from the government to gamble in what is now the new gambling hotspot, Wall Street. Forget about Las Vegas, the new capital of gambling is in New York City and is headed by the investment banks.

The Article in full can be found HERE. The Article on who Obama works for can be found HERE. So many of these writers never address the Fascist Cartel known as the FED! Americans have been mistakenly led to believe they are an Independent Agency. Nelson Hultberg shreds that MYTH and explains how our paid off politicians work in Collusion with the Banksters and if you take the time to read it he details how this allows them to spend money stolen from you on special interests of their choosing.

I would like to see PERP WALKS wouldn't you? Instead of just breaking them up my suggestion would be to END THE FASCIST CARTEL period so our paid off Politicians who use the Independent Agency EXCUSE and their Bankster Buddies who by paying them off help rule America would have no recourse other then spending as our Constitution allows be that Welfare for Wall Street or Welfare for Main Street or Foreign Aid to Foreign Banks or Foreign people (there is no Charity in forced giving and American's are a generous bunch and will give what they can afford on their own) that money is being stolen from the Taxpayers of America.

Gerald Celente often likens the Financial Crisis to a Bank Heist where the Robbers had the keys saying it was an inside job! I agree a Collusion between our Politicians the Fed and the Banksters and in this last Heist the take was $11 Trillion dollars from the citizens of America what a haul!

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