Sunday, December 20, 2009

You vote obama care - we'll vote you outta there!

It's coming Change nobody believes in.

The American people have overwhelmingly said they do not want obama care but they seem
intent on forcing it on us anyway and will send you to prison if you do not comply. Totalitarian
liberals well you might be able to force this on us but this song tells it like it is...

And this article from the Examiner poses some interesting thoughts.

Now that we know that the Democratic leadership in Congress and the Obama Administration have bribed Senator Ben Nelson into supporting the government takeover of healthcare, the question arises, who ARE these people, anyway?

Are they aliens from outer space? They certainly don't act like normal human beings who are fully aware of reality.

Senator Ben Nelson, for example, will vote in favor of the mammoth, debt-busting monstrosity in spite of the fact that in the latest poll Nebraskans indicate by a 61% majority that they will vote against Nelson if he votes in favor of this bill.

Nelson isn't the only one bribed by the Democratic leadership in Congress and the White House. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana is another, and word has come today via Mitch McConnell that Vermont got a sweet deal in order to secure the support of one of its Senators, more than likely the Socialist Bernie Sanders, who made noises about opposing the measure because it 'didn't go far enough.'

Why would elected representatives vote in support of a piece of legislation that is so clearly unpopular with the people back home?

If we were speaking of true statesmen here, we could surmise they are putting the good of the country ahead of personal gain. But immediately we know that such a theory is false. These 'tax whores' have just accepted multi-millions of dollars in order to support the measure. So much for putting country ahead of self.

The only other alternative theory that has any validity is that in order for a corrupt elected official to be willing to risk their re-election chances and put their entire careers on the line, the consequences of failing to please the voters are not as great as the consequences of failing to please the Democratic leadership, the White House, and especially the big money funding them behind the scenes.

And who is the 'big money?'

We have named them before. George Soros wants this bill passed. The Tides Foundation wants this bill passed. Apollo wants this bill passed. ACORN and SEIU want this bill passed.

And who is a part of each of these organizations? We have named them before as well. Self-avowed Marxists/Maoists/Socialists/Communists that have been in and out of the Obama Administration, such as Jeff Jones, Van Jones, Anita Dunn, Mark Lloyd, Cass Sunstein, John Holdren, Valerie Jarrett, and many more.

These groups are well-funded and will stop at nothing to ram their extremist agenda down the throats of the American people. Former 1960s radical -turned-Patriot David Horowitz knows these people very well. As an anti-American insider back in the days when 1960s radicalism flourished on college campuses, Horowitz states that it has been the goal of these 'progressives' all along to reach this critical point in history--a 'perfect storm' of sorts--when they can force the American social, political, and economic system into collapse and usher in a new America based upon Marxism/Maoism/Stalinism.

Horowitz has the goods on these scumbags. And yes, he names the names. He even unmasks President Barack Hussein Obama.

Given that the American government is now firmly in the grip of usurpers with loads of money, who have bribed and bought off scores of elected officials, the question is, what are the citizens going to do about it?

Patriots CANNOT stand by and watch this great nation continue to fall under the control of these scoundrels.

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