Friday, December 11, 2009

Seig Heil! Lord Monckton Coppenhagen protestors remind him of Hitler Youth

Live Leak...Protesting hypocrites fly across Atlantic to storm an Americans for Prosperity broadcast from Copenhagen.

A Huffington Post write-up of the incident attempts to characterize Monckton as the villain of the story because he called the teenage brownshirts out for what they were, “crazed Hitler youth.” Watch the little darlings disrupt the meeting in an attempt to shut or shout down those opposed. In the second video Lord Monckton explains the use of the term Hitler Youth. Here are the videos...

For the truth on how they manipulated the data on Climate Click HERE.

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Flossie said...

Thank you Lord Moncton for telling it like it is!
These kids never worked a day in their lives and they probably flew over to Copenhagen in jets (paid for by their hard working parents) spewing all kinds of contaminates, just stewing in their self righteous juices, ready to tell all of us how knowledgeable they are and how wrong we are. Frankly, I am all for the people in the third world countries having the comforts that we have.
Look what a travesty the banning of DDT has done to the third world.
Please, green Nazis, stop ranting and emitting so much co2 into the atmosphere. Breaths gently, kick back and mobilize to help, not hurt the poor of the world. I bet your allowances alone could bring food and health care to an entire village in Africa, maybe even an entire country there.