Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Obama has the power to take away your Guns will he use it?

I have tried to tell people the treaties they have been using are dangerous to our sovereignty, to our second Amendment rights to our entire way of life. I have been raving about this since NAFTA-SHAFTA was forced upon the American people! Not long ago Lord Monckton warned about Obama selling us down the drain usurping our sovereignty and people scoffed. Every time I brought this up people proceeded to tell me I am wrong it has to be ratified by Congress with a majority vote.

This article explains Obama's broader authority and how he could get around congress, it is in reference to Climate Gate but if it can be used to force that
Fraud upon us it certainly could be used to ratify the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty that he has given his approval too. He has already pulled an End Run on the American people through the EPA. I certainly do not trust him not to use this to force Gun control and worse to take your weapons completely.

Here is the article will we end up defenseless and broke?

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