Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize Winner has Blood on his hands O Continues the War!

I doubt I will be the first one to bring this up but with the Obama decision announced today to continue the War shouldn't they be rescinding the Nobel Peace Prize?

I see many are likening him to LBJ and Vietnam. I would like to start hearing the phrase Blood On His Hands since he refuses to give our troops the additional manpower they requested and that will undoubtedly lead to more of them ending up DEAD he is killing them softly with his liberal love. The Leader of the Liberals is obviously not qualified to be the leader of the troops or America since real leaders have to be able to make the tough choices. In an attempt to mislead the left into thinking he will actually have the troops out just in time for the next election he leaves the troops vulnerable if he had any balls he would make a real decision either to send the troops what they need to get the job done or bring them home. He is no leader he is a liability. Blood is on his hands so when will they rescind the Peace Prize?

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