Monday, December 14, 2009

New World Order Educational Tool

I know the New World Order is just a Conspiracy or at least that is what people were led to believe anyone talking about their plans to impose a Totalitarian Global Government was just some crazy (tin foil) lunatic. Recently however everyone seems to be talking about it even the new European President and they are getting geared up to educate you on how you are supposed to behave here is the information from Education Futures on how to think, act, interact in the New World Order..

New World Order 2.0
I like conceptual maps –tools for illustrating the relationships among ideas– and, Tero Heiskanen created an interesting oneIt’s huge. Without any further commentary:

Settlers of the shift is an open map of experts, organizations and ideas that are scattered around the globe. It’s for people whose work is shifting us towards a better tomorrow – a New World Order 2.0. This map aims to encourage people to connect across sectors and enable you to tie partnerships with like-minded individuals.
Six values are suggested as a common backbone for the partnerships:
  • Justice: fair and honest treatment of everyone involved
  • Co-creation: synergistic dialogue and collaboration
  • Meaningfulness: solutions to problems worth solving
  • Generosity: giving time and resources for the sake of giving
  • Dignity: acting in a respectful and ethical manner
  • Abundance: denying artificial scarcity and limitations
Settlers of the Shift did you catch that? It all sounds so Orwellian. Apparently this took a great deal of planning for this to be set up all around the globe. I wonder how they plan to make you comply? Back in 1961, the U.S. Government produced a document entitled Freedom From War that envisioned the creation of a globe-spanning United Nations “Peace Force” that would work in collaboration with a militarized “internal security” force in each country. Since that time, critics of the UN have anticipated the day when foreign “peacekeepers” would be assigned to police American streets and, if necessary, confiscate privately owned firearms.  Perhaps helping enforce this is what the Rand Corporation is gearing up for?

My response is NO THANK YOU I do not care to lose my individualism nor my freedom. I don't think I would look good with a 666 Tattoo either. While this all sounds so Utopian the road to Hell is paved with good intentions I will follow my own path.

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