Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WHO plans to control the Whole World!

I realize health emergencies are important to the whole world but I do not believe it is a good idea to let any outside agency have this kind of power over a sovereign nations citizens. In reality I think we should get out of the United Nations and get the United Nations out of America but that is another story. Back to this one the WHO plans have now been released and literally they are for control of the world. I find this very alarming I think it is bad enough that our Republic has deteriorated to the point that our government has it's tentacles in nearly every aspect of our daily lives but just think of the many ways this could be used by leaders to control the populace simultaneously worldwide!

WHO has just released its “Whole of Society Pandemic readiness guidelines” first prepared in April 2009, the same month the swine flu virus mysteriously appeared in Mexico City, and revised in July 2009.
The plan outlines how WHO will take over a country’s essential services, including water and sanitation; fuel and energy; food; health care; telecommunications; finance; law and order; education; and transportation under the pretext of a pandemic emergency.
WHO claims even a moderate flu “pandemic” will “test the limits of resilience of nations, companies, and communities, depending on their capacity to respond” and require WHO to assume charge of government functions.
“National inter-ministerial pandemic preparedness committees should map out the central government’s roles, responsibilities, and chain of command and designate lead agencies,” says WHO, omitting to mention these committees answer to the UN health body.
WHO says the Ministries of Defence should consider what military assets should be brought to bear in the event of a pandemic and how to mobilize them, preparing for the use of the army to force quarantine and vaccinate people – perhaps after WHO has once more given a live bird flu virus to pharma companies to contaminate vaccine material as happened in Austria in February when Baxter nearly triggered a global pandemic.
Baxter executives sit on WHO’s key vaccine advisory board which recommended the toxic and untested swine flu jab for the world in the response to a flu milder than the seasonal one..
“Public health measures, such as quarantines and school and business closures might place serious burdens on society and individual liberties, especially if they are implemented on a wide scale. Governments should carefully weigh the risks and benefits of far-reaching restrictions on movement and implement these measures in a way that respects individual rights,” says WHO.
However, WHO also says: “Ministries of Justice should consider what legal processes could be suspended during the pandemic and make alternative plans to operate courts during pandemic.”
In France, leaked documents show that the Minister of Justice has ordered the suspension of the most basic rights, and people can be incarcerated for up to six months without having to appear before a judge in a pandemic emergency.
In addition, drills and exercises of the kind conducted by WHO in the Ukraine a month before the pneumonic plague appeared there are envisaged.
“6.5 Table-top and simulation exercises and drills at all levels are the best way to test, validate, and improve pandemic preparedness plans. Tools developed by WHO or
international organizations and adapted to local circumstances may be useful for a quick review to identify gaps during the pandemic response mode.”

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