Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Strike against Socialist Health Care!!!

Have you heard about the latest proposed strike?

WHO: People opposed to socialized medicine.

WHEN: The day after The Senate or The House of Representatives passes a bill that puts America on the road to socialized medicine but before a full Congressional vote on a final bill. If this happens, you'll find the protest date here:

?? / ?? / 2009

WHAT: Business owners across America shut down their business for one hour. During that hour they stand in the front of their businesses and protest the bill or call the offices of Congresspeople who voted for it to voice their opposition.

WHERE: Every town and city in America.

To The Politicians Who Advocate Socialized Medicine:

Because you plan to force us into a government-run health care monopoly
where politicians and bureaucrats decide if we receive medical treatment,

Because the low quality and slow speed of a government medical system
will result in millions of Americans suffering and dying on waiting lists,

Because 45% of doctors may quit if you proceed with your plans,

Because a government medical system will bankrupt America
and lead to economic collapse and domestic hardship
greater than a foreign adversary could likely inflict,

Because once created, this government medical system will never end

until it bankrupts America,

Because government intervention in the medical sector
through ill-conceived regulations, unjust transfer programs

and unequal tax treatment is the primary reason for the very problem
which you propose to fix with more government intervention,

Because you have continued with your plans to take over the medical sector

despite our repeated indications of opposition,

Because you have refused to acknowledge solutions for solving this issue
that respect our rights and involve a reduction in government regulations,

a leveling of tax treatment and a decrease in transfer programs,

We will strike on the day after either chamber of Congress passes a bill
that will lead to government domination of medicine

but before you seal our fate with your final bill

Freedom is a flame that lights the path to prosperity
and burns those who try to extinguish it.

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