Thursday, November 26, 2009

Propaganda Push Fed Goes to The Movies

Propaganda - In the UK they have re-introduced an old war time slogan Keep Calm and Carry On.

.In America the Fed will be showing up at the movies!  Not to ease your angst over job losses the rise in your credit card rates or the inflation they claim we don't have but to sway public opinion. If they can sway you they can continue to keep their dealings secret and ease the pressure on Obama who wants to give them greater power.  Note one wonders if this press release was sent out by the Fed as you will see it claims the Obama administration is trying to place restrictions on them and nothing could be further from the truth.

Coming soon to a theater near you -- credit-card advice from the Federal Reserve.
Not exactly five-star material, but the Fed will run 45-second advertisements in 12 movie theaters in major metropolitan areas starting Friday through Dec. 3.
The AMC Studio 30 complex in Olathe is among the theaters scheduled to run the spots, said Tim Todd, a spokesman for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.
Todd said Wednesday the Fed will likely add other area locations in December.
This is not the Fed's first foray into theater ads. Earlier this year, the Fed sponsored ads that provided tips and information for avoiding mortgage foreclosures.
The new spots will encourage consumers to “use their credit cards wisely” during the holiday shopping season.
“The ads provide tips for getting the most from credit cards, including paying on time, staying below the card’s credit limit, avoiding unnecessary fees, paying more than the minimum payment and watching for changes in account terms,” the Fed said in a statement.
The Fed is trying to step up its consumer protection role after the Obama administration and some lawmakers proposed legislation that would strip the central bank of that responsibility and give it to a newly created Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

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