Sunday, November 22, 2009

"President or Jihad?" billboard

OMG lmao the ADL is going to go out of their minds with this one! In the other latest billboard controversy in Missouri I pointed out they see Tea Party protesters as Extremists. Of course the Facist left who whined about free speech during the Bush years will be up in arms you know the drill do as I say not as I do.

This dealership who has every right to express themselves has been receiving threats. What do you think please take THIS POLL.

"A billboard at a Wheat Ridge car dealership — with a caricature of President Barack Obama as a turban- wearing jihadist — has sparked a boycott and death threats, but even more support, its sponsor said.

Phil Wolf, owner of Wolf Automotive, said the billboard asks a legitimate question about Obama's alleged lack of documentation of his American birth.

"President or Jihad?" the billboard reads. "Wake up, America! Remember Fort Hood!"

Wolf said politicians have not been held accountable.

"This man is not telling the truth," Wolf said. "He should prove he's an American."

Bobby Clark of the liberal online network Progress Now Colorado is organizing a boycott of Wolf Automotive. Clark said "birthers" and "teabaggers" like Wolf have been emboldened by mainstream Republican politicians and pundits.

"When people like Rush Limbaugh, Peter Boyles, Glenn Beck and elected officials like Sarah Palin and Sen. Dave Schultheis openly question the president's citizenship and compare him to terrorists, it gives permission to this kind of speech," Clark said. "It's hateful. It's racist. It's outrageous."

Wolf denied he's racist. He said he's written in Alan Keyes, a conservative political activist and African- American, as his presidential choice.

Wolf's cartoonish billboard also drew criticism from the Anti-Defamation League.

"This billboard exploits the recent tragic shooting at Fort Hood in a context replete with bigotry," said ADL Mountain States director Bruce DeBoskey. "It is divisive and offensive, and perpetuates harmful stereotypes about Muslims."

Wolf said that fear of asking the hard questions led to the carnage at Fort Hood by American-born Muslim Nidal Malik Hasan.

"It's a disgrace that political correctness is ruining this country," Wolf said. "We were 'too sensitive' to question Hasan . . . because he's Muslim.

The billboard cost Wolf "a couple thousand dollars," he said, and it might lose him some customers.

"If it does, it doesn't matter," Wolf said. "I've had two ladies go home terrified because of the threats we've had."

Wolf, who owns dealerships in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, said the Obama administration has ruined the auto industry by interfering in it.

This billboard isn't likely to help sell cars, said Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the D.C.-based Council on American-Islamic Relations.

"It's an offensive billboard on several levels," Hooper said. "It's disrespectful of the presidency and Islam. It's a racist depiction as well."


Anonymous said...

He has the right to post anything he wants...its called free speech...I and a million+ want to see a birth certificate and we're not talking about the 'live birth certificate' which is only to verify he exists! It's not the original birth about all the schools he attended? No records on that either...what about that foreign student grant he acquired? For someone who spewed 'transparency' along the campaign trail, his credentials are transparent as mud. What we do know is he spent his youth being groomed by socialist and muslims, he sat under a hate filled preacher who damned America constantly, his community organizing skills produced one of the biggest scams in this nation named ACORN, he has a history of association with some of our own home grown terrorist {Ayers}, he has a trail of thugs following him from Chicago to the WH and the list goes on...he's a fake and a phoney who doesn't have the ability to lead his dog, let alone this nation!

Preston said...

The man behind the sign is either an idiot, crazy or a racist (maybe all three). We won the election and now these sore losers will continue to spew their lies. They remind me of the Birthers losers, who even Bill O’Reilly have smacked down like true flies.