Saturday, November 21, 2009

Poll: More blame Democrats for recession RACISTS!

It couldn't be something like the fear of higher taxes or regulations quick public perception is changing break that glass and pull out the Race Card!

From Newsreal

The vast, racist conspiracy against Barack Obama is no longer limited to evil 9/12 protesters, Fox News, and those who utter the obviously racist code word “socialist.” According to an MSNBC talk show host, it has spread to Wall Street, which is deliberately prolonging the recession to keep the black man down.

On Tuesday night’s episode of The Ed Show, host Ed Schultz asked NAACP president and CEOBen Jealous if he agreed America was in recession because “there are maybe some institutions on Wall Street that do not want to see a black president succeed?” Jealous, to his credit, disagreed. (You can watch the question at 4:52 in this video.

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N.B. how Jealous’s mouth involuntarily contorts into an Elvis lip-sneer when Ed launches into Louis Farrakhan territory.)

Ed Schultz: “Mr. Jealous, I’m going ask you a direct question here tonight, and it has not been talked about in the media, but I’ve thought about this in recent weeks, because the credit should not be this tight as much as the American taxpayer has done for Wall Street: Do you think that there are maybe some institutions on Wall Street that do not want to see a black president succeed, and that’s why the money is tight?”

Ben Jealous: “I don’t think that’s the case. I don’t think that’s the case. I don’t subscribe to those theories…We’ve got to stop focusing on race, start focusing on reality, which is all of us are hurting. What a theory: Wall Street has lost billions of dollars in wealth to spite the president. Good thinking, Ed!

This rebuttal of a theory Schultz admitting thinking about for “weeks” is no small story, coming from the organization that blamed George W. Bush for James Byrd’s murder, and that is headed by Julian Bond, who wrote a comic book in 1967 presenting Ho Chi Minh as a freedom fighter and comparing the Viet Cong to colonial Minutemen.

Jealous was right, of course. The economy is bad, and blacks are hit harder than other Americans. That should make every black American think twice about uncritically supporting a job-killing president — who shuffled from Hawaii to Harvard, from Hyde Park to Pennsylvania Avenue — because they happen to share an ethnicity. Not only is that racist; it’s counterproductive. Those who maintain uncritical support for Obama will eventually be forced to seek solace in conspiracy theories spun by pale leftists like Schultz. For the moment, at least some are unwilling to go that far.

How crazy do you have to be to be repudiated by an organization as left-wing as the NAACP has become? Crazy enough to host a show on MSNBC.

I guess you get thrown out of your Race if you dare have a different opinion!

To see how worried people are one only has to look over the countless articles pertaining to a collapse/depression and if that occurs we will all be in the same boat.

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