Sunday, November 8, 2009

News you may have missed (Informed Citizen +++)

I missed a few of these stories last week and this is always a great source for catching up.

These stories were not covered but I think they are well worth the read so I am including them here.

To get a handle on how out of control federal spending has become, consider this: It surged to $30,000 per household in 2009. That's up from $21,000 (adjusted for inflation) in the 1980s and '90s. Yet rather than cut back, Congress plans to spend even more.

Mises: The Man Who Predicted the Depression

ICN Informed Citizen News broadcast Sunday November 1st, 2009. The news you should have heard, but didn't.

This week's stories...

#1 Audit the Fed Bill Gutted, Paul Says

#2 NY Health Commissioner Goldman Sachs connection

Radio Station going after Health commissioner
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#3 Government report recommends blocking popular websites during pandemic flu outbreak

#4 Troops Were Called into Alabama ... Illegally

#5 Brother of Afghan Pres Karzai isuspected kingpin of the countrys booming opium trade

#6 New York Fed's Secret Decision on AIG Swaps Cost Americans $13 Billion

#7 clunkers Taxpayers paid $24,000 per car

#8 Illinois Teacher Retirement Fund runs short of funds

#9 Postal Service turns to selling greeting cards to boost revenue

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