Friday, November 20, 2009

New EU president confirms New World Order desire

We can only hope with the leaked information showing what a SCAM the global warming information was that it will bring about enough outrage and disgust that people will sit up, take notice and demand this nonsense be put to rest. We are not only talking about the taxes that will be heaped upon you if this continues but something far worse the plan like I have blogged about many times to use this as a means to bring about a global government, a New World Order.

I had this video with the leaked global warming fraud story but then thought about it and realized this video deserves it's own blog. In it the new EU President confirms the desire for a global government. In that blog as well as others I have pointed out this excellent article by Gary North it truly is a must read in it he explains and gives you the link to the Mises warning about the Socialist's who want to take over the world.

You tube description. As plain as it comes, the newly "elected" cnut that is the EUSSR president confirms the desire for a one world government, a New World Order of worldwide oppression and the spread of worldwide Communism. If it didn't hit you what the EU project is all about, the new EU "president" confirms it for you in this clip. Here is the video.

What is Totalitarianism?

Finally, totalitarianism is a teleological worldview, meaning that the totalitarian mind sees all of history as unfolding toward an inevitable end—whether it be a communist state, a world government, or some other utopia. This end result, though never really achieved (thus the need for a “perpetual revolution”), is held up as a justification for every possible abuse, including mass murder. After all, opponents of the regime are simply getting in the way of historical progress.

Therefore, totalitarianism requires not only a belief in the power of the centralized state to eliminate all of humanity’s woes, but a belief in the inevitable victory of that state over private interests. As Mussolini inferred, there is nothing the totalitarian fears more than an individual acting outside the state. It is vitally important to understand that totalitarianism is not an exotic or abstract idea, but a reality of the contemporary world. It is something that we do not often recognize in our society, but is nevertheless an ever-present and growing danger. Article in full at site.

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