Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Freedom's Phoenix In The News (Tin Foil Conspiracists)

The Progressive Examiner has an article about the End the Fed protests titled..

Libertarian Ron Paul protesters cite mass conspiracies for US demise

Isn't that just like a progressive (progressive code word for looney liberal) site to infer "Tin Foil" by phrasing it in that manner?  Rather then examine in depth what the protesters are talking about they find someone in the crowd in this case Sharlene Holt and try to make the entire movement out to be Nut Jobs. Seems to be a common occurrence.  HACK ATTACK

Consider this hatchet piece on Ron Paul, written by a partner of a financial website, 24/7.com, one Douglas A. McIntyre. He is a frequent author on The Huffington Post. Rest HERE.

All anyone heard about from the loons when President Bush was in office was the phrase he uttered regarding the New World Order and they were absolutely positive he was trying to implement it. There were protests and howls about the Patriot Act and the government using it against citizens.  Along comes their chosen one and he IS implementing it (see HERE) and now those who are speaking out are Tin Foil wearing Nut Jobs.

Nothing was reported about why the Fed should be audited but I guess now that the Obamageddon is in charge and working with the banks for control of the Fascist New World Order  the fact that he wants to give the Federal Reserve more power is no longer an issue. The Patriot Act is now A-OK because their messiah is in Control. You can read his progressive spew HERE.  

When you are finished please sign the PETITION to Audit The Fed HERE.