Tuesday, October 27, 2009

U.S. First Steps At Regulating Internet

Russia Today talks with Jim Harper of the Cato Institute about the FCC's vote to begin regulating the Internet in the name of net neutrality.

The question is will this move end up privileging content providers at the expense of service providers? And how will this affect internet consumers in the short and long run? Is this the foot in the door in the US's plan to implement Internet2?

Those were not the only questions I had. Something it does not discuss that I would be very wary of is Big Brother who has overstepped their bounds numerous times already by listening to our phone conversations way more then is lawful therefore it would not be unreasonable to assume the possibility for using this the same way given past and current abuses by our government is likely.

Our freedom and our rights are being slowly eroded and many do not even realize to what extent take for instance how easy it is right now if they decide to start using this TACTIC on a routine basis would you not feel as though you are living in a police state? Honestly just the thought of the Government having the control gives me the chills and it is not because of how poorly they operate everything now but the potential for abuse

If people on the left find this appealing now how will they feel about it when their party is no longer in charge? Better yet would they welcome this if President Bush wanted it? We are on a slippery slope when you start removing rights by either slowly having government take over or by criminalizing or attempting to tax or regulate them out of existence (Smoking,Drinking come to mind) even though you may find them personally offensive you are aiding in the loss of some of your own freedom in the future. "He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither! Benjamin Franklin"

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