Sunday, October 4, 2009

October Market Crash Update!

I see many visitors coming to my blog from Google search due to the October Market Crash blog I posted awhile back.  I also know many who had previously read it return for details.  I am trying to keep track for my readers as well as my own personal use those who are joining the chorus saying we will have a crash this month. There are also Internet rumors circulating about upcoming bank holiday's.  I have yet to see a verifiable source in this regard though but if I spot one will update this story.

Added to the list of those predicting an October Stock Market Crash are Faber, Cellente, Rogers and Dent.

As they say follow the money and the money has been selling off at a rate of 30 to 1.  This below was from my original post on the subject ..

Enzio von Pfeil, CEO of told CNBC the Global stock markets could crash in October as the much hoped-for economic recovery fails to materialize he explains in the video below...

Could this be the reason our Foreign Embassies are stocking up on cash

Oh and do not forget this ominous prediction.

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