Saturday, October 17, 2009

Google and Big Brother Working Hand in Hand?

I wanted to bring a new article from Mother Jones to your attention it can be added to the warnings I have already issued (below). For example many do not realize that your home can be entered without a search warrant as it is! Now comes this warning take heed!

Internet privacy? Google already knows more about you than the National Security Agency ever will. And don?t assume for a minute it can keep a secret. YouTube fans -- and everybody else -- beware.

From the start, Google’s informal motto has been “Don’t Be Evil,” and the company earned cred early on by going toe-to-toe with Microsoft over desktop software and other issues. But make no mistake. Faced with doing the right thing or doing what is in its best interests, Google has almost always chosen expediency.

In September, Google handed over the records of some users of its social-networking service, Orkut, to the Brazilian government, which was investigating alleged racist, homophobic, and pornographic content.

Google’s stated mission may be to provide “unbiased, accurate, and free access to information,” but that didn’t stop it from censoring its Chinese search engine to gain access to a lucrative market (prompting Bill Gates to crack that perhaps the motto should be “Do Less Evil”).

You can add this video to the other surveillance being done by our government, i.e., listening to your phone calls, monitoring you on line, harvesting your information.that I told you about in obama's secret plan and people do not realize by virtue of what you own already they can enter your home without a Search Warrant! The video is from Liberty Penn..

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