Friday, October 9, 2009

Funny Nobel Prize Video

If the world was stunned to learn that President Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, it will be even more amazed by all the awards that are still coming his way.

The world reacts (LAUGHS)...

At influential Dutch blog Dagelijkse Standaard readers write:

Joshua Livestro: And deservedly so. He gives me hope Sarah Palin will win in 2012.

Jimmy: I’m no Palin-fan but if it means we won’t be bothered by this insane progressive idolatry of Obama she has my vote.

Jamal Yasin: The Nobel Prize in Literature will be next. He’ll have to write his umptieth biography to win that one though.

Frank Verhoef: Congratulations Obama! Please, keep working hard on doing absolutely nothing!

De Snotverlosser: Well done, my Big O, you barely succeeded in defeating Ahmadinejad. By the way, Arafat says ‘hi.’

Carel Kauffman: What peace?

Popular blog GeenStijl is unimpressed as well:

This is ridiculous. He should’ve won it for mathematics: beating the odds of having an African American in the White House.

Peppievankokkie: Who is that man?

Vieze buitenlander: More positive discrimination

Readers of well known right-of-center magazine Elsevier can’t believe it:

Bobson: reminds me of the banks; get your bonus first, do something later

Whiskey: Nobel Peace Prize? What peace?

Vincent: Bwahahaha! Wake up people!

dd: Painful.

A-thee-ist: That’s insulting to his predecessors who actually did something to deserve this prize

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