Monday, October 26, 2009

Crash of 1929

Take a look at the past in the Crash of 1929 video this is very interesting and there are more and more people who think we may soon be finding out what it is like the hard way.

Then listen to the Bohemian Bankruptcy Song - A tragedy! Any Way the Cash Flows...

Even as the cataclysmic events of last year fade into memory and most pundits are convinced that the government alone can push the country into prosperity, if it only wasn't for that pesky unemployment number that just refuses to cooperate, yet another comparison with the Great Depression emerges, one that shows that the current period is in fact even worse than what occurred in the years after 1930. Moody's has released an analysis which shows that the most recent rate of bank charge offs, which hit $45 billion in the past quarter, and have now reached a total of $116 billion, is at 3.4%, which is substantially higher than the 2.25% hit in 1932, before peaking at at 3.4% rate by 1934.

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