Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cool New FREE On Line Game - United States of Earth

The year is 2011. President Obama has just outlawed the private ownership of firearms, announced that the Constitution has been dissolved and revealed that the United States is going to be replaced by the North American Union, an amalgamation of the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Revolution breaks out.

Your part in this is to help capture Obama and the renegade Cong (former Congressional leaders). This is the premise of a new online community and game calling itself United States of Earth. The extensive site is almost overwhelming in the sheer amount of information it provides, but centers around a browser-based war game in which a player can train and amass troops with the intention of taking over counties in Virginia.

Players can also challenge other United States of Earth users in real videogames on Xbox Live or the PlayStation 3 network in order to win points to be used on the site. Once logged in, users have access to a series of stories and videos that revolve around the fantasy setting, Stories include: Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck Found Dead in Camp, Barack Obama Retreats to Virginia With Wife, Former V.P. Joe Biden Captured Outside Arlington and The Cong Loses Control, Pelosi Captured!

In the game's premise, the GOP is about to regain control of both houses of Congress, but Obama decides he will not swear in the new members of Congress, he'd rather have a North American Union instead and ban firearms. And the revolutionaries(or online players) are fed up and attempting to regain control---even though a few counties are now in the hands of groups like the "Cong" aka former Democratic Congressional leaders and the Federal Reserve.

The creators' website describes the virtual revolution as "an action packed, satire-filled war game that takes place in the not-so-distant future, " i.e. just after November 2010 elections.

In the game's scenario, 20 million armed American "patriots" begin seizing local and federal government offices. These are the same people whose earlier Tea Party protests had been ignored and dismissed by the mainstream media. Now, they post bounties for government employees. There's fighting in every state. Meanwhile, Lou Dobbs has been disappeared, and Glenn Beck has been found dead of an "aspirin overdose." Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity, and Bill O'Reilly have been rounded up, and Fox News forcibly shut down. The US military refuses to come to Obama's rescue.

His loyalist forces of 40,000 end up controlling merely three counties in Virginia, while an allied force is in charge of three counties near Washington, DC. The Federal Reserve also controls two of its own counties, as does the Cong (the remnants of the Democratic Congress). A collection of pro-Obama black nationalists and Islamic fundamentalists have a hold on two counties. What can you do as a player? You can join the patriots trying to capture Obama and defeat the Cong.

The website notes that this rudimentary World of Warcraft-type multiplayer game—titled "2011 Obama's Coup Fails"—is merely "an action-packed, satire-filled" entertainment. But it does say, "If current events keep transpiring as they are, then 2011 Obama's Coup may in fact become a dark chapter in American History."

This game, though, is no right-wing plot to foment anti-Obama paranoia. Its organizers—who are not identified on the site—are a small group of Ron Paul-loving libertarians living in Brooklyn, according to Michael Russotto, one of this band.

It is free but there are different levels of membership where you do pay a $10.00 fee for a preferred status. So if you are into that sort of thing you can find out the rest here....




Former Player said...

This game is terrible and a big rip off. Who care what other media sites think. Look at my blog, written from players who have experienced thatgame, some still playing. This game is horrible.

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