Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chia Obama Returns Perfect Gift for your annoying Liberal Friends


Have a really annoying Liberal friend or neighbor?  Need a Gag gift? Just in time for your holiday shopping Chia obama returns.

The Chia Obama has found a new home on CVS shelves after Walgreens stopped selling the controversial product over five months ago. This week CVS stores started displaying the special edition Chia in select markets.

One fan (lol think there will be any others?) of the unique version of the figurine is it inspiration; President Barack Obama. "I presented it to [Obama at a reception after his commencement address at Notre Dame], and he said, 'Gee, I've got green hair,'" said Jospeh Pedott, the businessman who created Chia Obama. "Everybody laughed. I was on Cloud Nine." (I have a feeling he is always on cloud nine)

Pedott said that he has a half-million Chia Obamas on hand to sell. For those concerned about the supply come Christmas; don’t worry because a Chia Hillary Clinton is in the works.

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Lisa said...

He looks a little Chinese, doesn't he?