Thursday, October 29, 2009

Capitalist Conspiracy An Inside View of International Banking

This is an excellent video. If you have read
End Run or you know anything at all about the people who want a New World Order this is a must watch. Think Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Federal Reserve. It seems perplexing to people that firms like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan donated so heavily to Obama. Well to those who realize it of course his base is clueless they are the people who were in Chicago protesting the small banks who are not involved the very same types of people that JP Morgan and the other big banks help fund. Rather interesting combination of characters this film explains the usefulness and the real agenda of doing so.

It seems to be in direct contrast to rational thought that they would indeed help destroy Capitalism but these men are not true Capitalists they are Socialists with the desire to rule the world. This is by far superior to any of the Alex Jones videos you may have seen. This film explains it all. Make it look like Government Control to keep it in
their hands! Exactly what we see Obama doing now. It explains the role of The Council of Foreign Relations, the use of mainstream news. This is a must watch video take the time and watch it all.

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I hope you will read and heed this warning!

Survivor of Socialism Has Warning for America

Speaking of Government Sachs and Obama's favorite banker JP Morgan.

Obama is a Disciple of Marx.....

The Secret Truth About Karl Marx and His Disciples‘partner’-and-major-funder

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