Monday, October 26, 2009

Bo Dietl is talking about the New World Order

I would have preferred Imus let him speak without throwing in his baloney but I sure like how Bo lays it out. He understands the seriousness of it all and describes it in a manner that makes it easy for others who may not.

It is encouraging to see people talking about it. The Socialists needed a way (Global Warming Fakery) to implement their goal of Totalitarian control and it was beginning to seem like they may have clear sailing here in America like they did in the United Kingdom. The Elites knew they would have a far tougher time here and thus they approached it in smaller increments.

They still have not been able to disarm Americans another drawback that I am sure is giving them fits. Of course they are still on course and are slowly finding other methods like treaties in an effort to remove our sovereignty and freedom we must be ever vigilant but having people discuss it without the first response being get the tin foil is in itself a major accomplishment.

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