Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Teach Your Children Well - Defeat The Debt!

Instead of America's children being Indoctrinated to follow Dear Leader this is something they should be taught! Children: I pledge allegiance to AmericaŹ¼s debt, and to the Chinese government that lends us money. And to the interest, for which we pay, compoundable, with higher (Video)

So far this year our government has taken in $1.7 Trillion Dollars but has spent more then $3 Trillion Dollars that is a $1.8 Trillion Dollar deficit in the first 9 months. What makes this a Perilous situation is that the tax receipts are down almost 20% from last year. Corporate income taxes are down 57% this is the largest percent since the last Great Depression. Our government has accumulated as much debt this year alone as we did during the first 210 years.

Whether it's Goldman Sachs bailouts or Universal Welfare, unconstitutional schemes rack up the deficit for future generations. As Eisenhower also predicted, "our government must avoid the impulse to live only for today, plundering for our own ease and convenience the precious resources of tomorrow. We cannot mortgage the material assets of our grandchildren without risking the loss also of their political and spiritual heritage."

This is not capitalism. This is fascism (a tactic perfected by Benito Mussolini.) When corporations team up with government, it is not a free market; it is the opposite of capitalism and free-market economics.

Teach your children not to be Slaves to our Fascist Government DEFEAT THE DEBT!

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