Thursday, September 3, 2009

Party like a "Rock Star"

The Financial Flogging Continues

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People who are subscribers take this viral. We need to get people involved with protests. People must understand this is not a democratic or republican issue this is an American issue.

Now let me show you how a Real Rock Star parties!

Ron Paul Makes Rock Star Appearance At Loyola New Orleans and if you think things have "Changed" think again!

Uncle Sam Blowing Fresh Air Into the Housing Balloon?

With housing prices down 30+% on average over the last few years, is Uncle Sam blowing fresh air into the housing balloon and actually creating another housing bubble? I believe that’s exactly what is happening.
If you are scratching your head and think I am off base with my assertion, please navigate this path along our economic landscape with me.
What drove the housing bubble? Cheap rates and undisciplined lending from the private sector. What added to the bubble? The internal ‘hedge fund’ portfolios of Freddie Mac (NYSE:FRE) and Fannie Mae (NYSE:FNM).
What is perpetuating the housing bubble if not creating another mini-bubble of sorts? Cheap rates and undisciplined lending directly from Uncle Sam or supported by Uncle Sam. What is adding to this bubble? Those same internal portfolios at Freddie and Fannie.
What entities within Uncle Sam’s domain are providing the cheap rates and undisciplined lending?
1. The Federal Housing Administration ( FHA-insured loans are packaged into GNMA securities, which have the explicit backing of Uncle Sam)
2. The Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing program in which it has purchased hundreds of billions in mortgage-backed securities with authority to purchase a total of $1 trillion+ in MBS is also blowing fresh air into the balloon.
3. Freddie and Fannie are also supporting the bubble by providing fresh capital via their portfolios.
People may say that Uncle Sam had to provide this capital because the private sector would not. In fact, The Wall Street Journal makes that very assertion this morning in writing, Industry Seeks Fannie, Freddie Overhaul:

Not only do they continue to party on your dime but they want more...

McStupid: Mortgage Banker's Association

Karl at The Market Ticker pleads To The Regulators Stop This!
1 billion shares on the tape as of 9:00 Central on the NYSE and who's responsible for over 1/4 of it?

This is outrageous folks. Three zombies, one of which has no equity value and two more that exist only because the government has guaranteed, collectively, half a trillion dollars of what may be worthless assets.
Not to mention all the ENRON-STYLE off balance sheet exposure that we have no means to value or come up with a reasonable understanding of.
This sort of garbage "support" for market volume, put forth for the explicit purpose of propping up stock market prices and generating fees for the trade of each share at the NYSE, is an outrage.
If this is not stopped we are going to wake up one morning to a lock-limit down market crash when this so-called "market liquidity support" is withdrawn as the boys with the computers come to end of the rope where they can steal a fraction of a penny from each trader who buys into this frenzied froth-driven fraudulent nonsense.
The retail bagholder will, as always happens, get utterly screwed in the inevitable collapse as what is left of our economy and financial markets implode into the hole left by the disappearance of this imaginary "liquidity."
Regulators have an obligation to step in and put a stop to this crap - an obligation that they have utterly refused to meet for the last six months.

Do not hold your breath Karl the resident is a Fascist! The banks started grooming him as a Junior Senator. Why do you think he wants to give them even more power get a clue. Why do you think they donated so heavily to him for President and to his abomination inaugeration? Money for nothing and chicks for free?
Even the Left thinks he is a Fascist though they excuse it as ineptitude or some kind of unconscienceness (maybe from all the dope he smoked?)

So Sheople while the scum bags are still partying like the Rock Stars on your dime unless something is done to End the Fed the flogging will continue!


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Yes. Looks like you really understand what is going on.

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