Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The New World Order Defined

This English Author defines it.

The use of national State power under the control of a global government in order to maximise Corporate profits.

Now we know why the endless succession of government ministers who come from big business backgrounds want to be elected as
MP's, (Insert Senators,Representatives) so as to represent the interests of the corporations they work for, and why so many ex-government ministers end up as directors or working for corporations and big business when they leave Parliament, (Insert Congress-President-VP )in order to get their payoffs for representing the interests of their corporate masters instead of the people whilst they were in power.

The New World Order is the creation of a Global Corporate Fascist Government where individual nations use the power of the State to repress internal dissent and democracy in order to maximise the profits of the corporations that control and fund the election campaigns of the political parties in power and who own the media corporations that get politicians elected into power.

Spot on! The definition above fits perfectly with what we see taking place. If people were to think a minute they would take note that the players instrumental in carrying out the goals of a New World Order are so varied nationally, ethnically and religiously but for the almighty dollar they would for no other reason join forces. As they say money is the root of all evil.


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