Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Latest Breaking Acorn "I shot him-I killed him"

Wow wait until you see the latest Acorn Video Expose below. This organization should be charged under the Rico Act and if the resident had any class he would have the justice department look into that but obviously being an old time Acorn Agitator himself we hear more about a policeman who did the right thing with the professor then we do about the criminality of his long time backers and former employer Acorn! The people employed by Acorn are the scum of the earth (instead of owning up they threaten) at least all the ones they have been capturing in these videos. I will have more on this and will update it but for now watch this video. The Acorn criminals should be cracked wide open and run out of existance!

The mainstream news instead of reporting how disgusting these scummy acorn people are who would have no problems with young girls being forced into prostitution report it as if the people doing the right thing to out the scum bags at acorn are the criminals! If the divide that Politico is reporting are those who oppose pimping out young girls and going to tea parties then count me on the side of opposition.  I will count the mainstream news as on the side of the scum of the earth.


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