Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Informed Citizen News

I am definitely of the opinion that those who surf the Internet are far more informed then those who watch the Communist nightly news. Have you ever heard of Informed Citizens News? It is a broadcast that tells you news you will not hear nightly. This is the most recent broadcast I can find it covers Deficit Spending, Fascism in California, Home Schooling to name a few of the issues.

From the broadcast...

So far this year our government has taken in $1.7 Trillion Dollars but has spent more then $3 Trillion Dollars that is a $1.8 Trillion Dollar deficit in the first 9 months. What makes this a Perilous situation is that the tax receipts are down almost 20% from last year. Corporate income taxes are down 57% this is the largest percent since the last Great Depression. Our government has accumulated as much debt this year alone as we did during the first 210 years. Here are some news stories you should see on the nightly news but won't!

Be informed you can have You Tube notify you when new episodes are broadcast. Something else I know I have not heard of on the "Mainstream Communist News" is this story from Seeking Alpha.

Merkel, Sarkozy demand end to bankster “blackmail” I hope you will read it all. Snippet...

No bank must grow to a size that puts it in a position in which it can blackmail governments.”

- German Chancellor Angela Merkel (August 31st, Bloomberg)

These excesses cannot be allowed to be repeated as if nothing has happened.”

- French President Nicolas Sarkozy (August 31st, Reuters)



Anonymous said...

You are leaving out the one man that isn't afraid to talk about these very issues on national TV!!
Glenn Beck. Ever night he exposes the "administration" and what they are doing and trying to take from us. Watch him on Fox Network or go to his web page www.glennbeck.com and see for yourself. He is truly an American Patriot.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck is a racist...period!