Monday, September 14, 2009

False Flag or Real Terror? Either the Government Controls the People or the People Control the Government!

Either the government controls the people or the people control the government. I see there is a new Terrorist warning from obama oops sorry I mean osama threatening us again. I also noticed that the looney left who had been strangely silent for months on the issue of Afghanistan have now after months of jokes and leaving Cindy Sheehan all alone now are starting to question the obamageddon. Of course lol after the fact. So suddenly there is another message from obama or osama? So the question becomes is obama using osama for a false flag operation or are we indeed threatened by terrorists?
If the Terrorist threat is indeed a grave warning (because whether you like to acknowledge it or not there are some who would behead you in a blink of an eye) why doesn't osama sorry can't seem to keep them straight obama come right out and tell his looney fringe hey they want your head? Especially since so many believe these warnings are false flag operations. If the Terrorists threat is not a problem why are they allocating more troops and more money and only saying something after the fact? It is so hard to know who to believe these days obama or osama.
In either case watch out for your Liberties!

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