Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Big Brother with Googles Help

I was reading this article on Popular Science and it dawned on me how useful it would be for Big Brother especially since
Google is a big supporter of the current administration and then there is always that pesky patriot act to use to take things over now that obamageddon is making sure it is kept in place. Think how easy it would be for them to track your every move or to know where to send cough, cough law enforcement or troops to take care of a problem.......

Researchers from Georgia Tech have devised methods to take real-time, real-world information and layer it onto Google Earth, adding dynamic information to the previously sterile Googlescape.
They use live video feeds (sometimes from many angles) to find the position and motion of various objects, which they then combine with behavioral simulations to produce real-time animations for Google Earth or Microsoft Virtual Earth.

They use motion capture data to help their animated humans move realistically, and were able to extrapolate cars' motion throughout an entire stretch of road from just a few spotty camera angles.

From their video of an augmented virtual Earth, you can see if the pickup soccer game in the park is short a player, how traffic is on the highway, and how fast the wind is blowing the clouds across the sky.
Up next, they say they want to add weather, birds, and motion in rivers.

They will present their paper at the IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality next month, but you can read a draft PDF here. Soon they will looking through your walls soon you will be monitored by big brother 24/7 you will be living in a Totalitarian world where they control everything you do.

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone lese notice how every one of google's logos corresponds to a New World Order objective???!!!
The recent spate of UFO oriented logos represent the long-held belief of staged and faked alien events designed to make the public believe in an extraterrestrial threat to unite the world under a One World Government. The huge rise in productions like X-files, Signs, Indiana Jones and the crystal Skull, Fringe and many more seem to promote the idea of extra terrestrial and interdimensional threats. Many believe these to be conditioning media to ingrain such phenomena into the public consciousness in preparation for a staged alien threat.

Now, the latest
google logo is a barcode!!!! There is no need to explain that one!