Friday, August 14, 2009

Off to the Gulag? Socialism is the new "N" Word..

This Patriotic American had the audacity to call Obamadeathcare what it is Socialism...

It needed to be said, so I said it. In an interview I did yesterday on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 show, I said that Barack Obama's policies are leading us to socialism, and we must stand up and take action to fight back!

I was invited on the CNN program to talk about our upcoming "Tea Party Express" tour which is shaping up to be a hugely important national effort. You can see the video of my appearance below. Here was the quote that's generated so much attention, and just so you know, I proudly stand behind my comments 100%

The question is now will he be off to the Gulag after all Liberal Fascists have deemed using the word "Socialist" is the same as the "N" word. From the mainstream Communist Nightly News..

LOL I like this take on the subject!


If you want to protest these "Socialist Obamadeathcare" policies here is a list of Town Hall meetings.

The End Game in all This?

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Anonymous said...

This is not even remotely interesting or valuable as information. Too many morally challenged people will call an activity a name usually a perjorative to brand the activity as dangerous in some way. Whenever progressives made new policy to help others the elites and their brainwashed stooges would holler to high heaven to try to stop it. this is simply the situation here. Many people don't realize there would be no medicare if the Republicans had had their way.