Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My New Yard Sign

I live out in the Country I do not know if you have had any experience with the "Gypsy's" they are a travelling group who wreck driveways and intimidate elderly people into paying them outrageous amounts for doing so. I used to live in the Twin Cities and I knew all about them from news reports and first hand experience since I had at one time worked for an Asphalt Plant where they would come in and purchase the wrong material for the job.

Well recently they came calling I said I was not interested through the window well they are rather pushy and he wanted to continue the conversation. I am Armed always I live in Western Wisconsin now and we have Open Carry Laws. Lets just say I told him again in a more forceful manner NO he got the drift and left.

I had my husband put up some No Trespassing-No Soliciting Signs the standard types you can buy anywhere but I wanted to have a sign that indicated in a more forceful manner NO and I just found the perfect sign...


Lisa said...

Damn, the picture won't come up for me :(

Anonymous said...

Me neither :-(

You can see it here:

Anonymous said...

Western Wisconsin, where do you live? I'm between Prairie Farm and Connosville.