Sunday, August 16, 2009

How much more of your money will BO give Government Sachs?

I know it is the Chi-town way to pay to play but now it seems the rest of America will be made to pay AGAIN! Look BO had no problem voting for the bail outs his tax cheat buddy timmy was part and parcel of the plan including the bonus payments they later pretended to be offended about for AIG who bailed out Government Sachs but BO does not want you to know the truth.

BO and his ilk helped create the Disaster to begin with and now you are forced to pay again? I have no sympathy for the Losers who took Liars Loans either they knew full well or should have known they could not repay them (buyer beware) and spare me when was the last time you were let off anything on the basis of ignorance?

Gee it looks to me like the smelly one was paid off in contributions to force you to pick up the losses of his buddies at the banks and the losers who gave him their vote. Maybe they will let you off for ignorance if you fail to pay your taxes? After all if tax cheat timmy, the banks and the losers get a break shouldn't you?

From Investment Watch...

What does Barney Frank Have to say about Housing hitting a bottom?

Well, he is one of the top experts in housing:

A speech by Barney Frank on the House Floor in 2005 where he refutes any concern about a housing industry bubble and advocates for the government to continuing…

Then rewrites history as needed:

Excerpt from an interview given by Barney Frank on the Tavis Smiley show on PBS on April 20, 2009, where Rep. Frank astonishingly claims that conservatives are to blame for the housing collapse…

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