Thursday, August 20, 2009

DemocRATS and Goldman Sachs

Today Government Sachs announced it is a Financial Holding Company so in following the Bribes err I mean campaign contributions from Open Secrets...

Goldman Sachs

You will note 64% of the Bribes went to DemocRATS!
According to their own research they seem to apportion some of the cause of the meltdown to bank holding companies and that way they can shift losses around taking advantage of differing sets of rules and regulatory oversight:

You see Government Sachs paid to play the chi town way before the election and

Goldman Sachs spent $630,000 lobbying gov't in 2Q

they have lots and lots of Derivatives so I suppose it is a small price to pay in the event they need more of your hard earned tax dollars to have obamageddon and tax cheat timmy bail them out again and you have to look ahead. They look ahead in other ways too like Crap and Tax for example.

Goldman Sachs pays former and future government officials a lot of money to give talks, and to "consult." If you're good to Goldman while you're in government, helping them steal billions: They'll kick back a couple of
Billions to you and the right people will try to make sure there is no transparency. There is honor amongst thieves.

Granted, all of the banks and hedge funds do this. John Edwards made a around 500 grand for "consulting" for some hedge fun.

E.g., Goldman gave a six-figure payment to Lawrence Summers for giving a speech. A hedge fund gave Summers five-or-so million for "consulting." Basically, 5 million for "working" part-time.

Glenn Greenwald links to original sources and data

It pays to be the King thars GOLD in them thar Halls of Government!

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