Friday, August 21, 2009

Bring out your Dead - Free Burials Next?

According to this report from
USA Today "Demand Rises For Publicly Funded Burials" that could be quite a Tab for the Living to pick up with obama's death care. Through the generations no one I know of (speaking family wise) would have thought to pass that burden (something that is oppressive or worrisome) onto their own children people made arrangements for their demise. Leaving the bill for government would mean your children, grandchildren would now have to pick up the Tab to bury complete strangers.

Little wonder Bill Bonner says there will be no recovery not now not ever.

"The basic business model of government is to keep order, protect campaign contributors and lure supporters with the promise of other peoples’ money. The game plan of the typical citizen is even simpler: to be on the receiving end, not the paying end. Over time, more and more of them get into position. And the whole society becomes more costly, and more corrupt.

In the United States, entire industries now operate as wards of the state. They may have too little capital. Or, their operations may be too costly. Or, their products may be simply out-of-date and unattractive. Still, government keeps them going – even at the cost of at the expense of competitors. And the money doesn’t only go to business. Cities stay solvent only by the grace of federal government grants. Whole sections of the population depend on government – including 34 million who draw their rations directly from the federal food stamp program. The spectacle is breathtaking and alarming at the same time – like a Pakistani bus on a mountain road, freighted with passengers clinging to the roof. The old rust bucket could tip over at any time, but what politician would tell a voter to get off?

But it’s not prosperity that government really cares about. The big bus keeps trundling along – picking up pests and parasites along the way. It will keep going until it runs off the road."

Only one Politician that I can think of sadly (video Ron Paul discussing government largesse)..

So bring out your dead unless we find more politicians willing to stand up for Americans like Ron Paul future generations can Kill themselves working to pay for it all but at least they will get a "free funeral"!

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