Monday, August 24, 2009

BO is reappointing helicopter Ben!

Have you heard? Washington Post is reporting...

President Obama plans to nominate Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke to another term Tuesday morning, White House officials confirmed Monday night, ending speculation about the fate of the nation's top banker.

In remarks prepared for the announcement, Obama praised Bernanke for leading the country through a financial crisis and, with his expertise on the Great Depression, helping to prevent a similar crisis.

"Ben approached a financial system on the verge of collapse with calm and wisdom, with bold action and outside-the-box thinking that has helped put the brakes on our economic free-fall," Obama said in prepared marks obtained by the AP.

"The actions we have taken to stabilize our financial system, repair our credit markets, restructure auto industry and help the overall economy recover have all been steps of necessity, not choice. They have faced plenty of critics, some of whom argued that we should stay the course or do nothing at all. But taken together, all of these steps have brought our economy back from the brink. They are steps that are working," Obama said.

As president, Obama has largely followed Bernanke's response to the crisis, fashioning a bank bailout and stimulus plan that extended the efforts of Bernanke and the Bush administration.


Aug. 24 (Bloomberg) -- The Federal Reserve must make public reports about recipients of emergency loans from U.S. taxpayers under programs created to address the financial crisis, a federal judge ruled.

This is in relation to a lawsuit filed by Bloomberg LP against the Federal Reserve on November 7, 2008, in Southern District of New York (08-09595), in which Bloomberg sought material loan and collateral data in relation to emergency loans released by the Fed, and which were previously claimed to be non-FOIAble.

This is a large blow against the Fed and specifically against organizations using FOIA loopholes from providing critical information, specifically in cases involving trillions of taxpayer dollars bailing out huge, systematically and politically embedded financial organizations.

The conclusion from the order just issued by District Judge Loretta Preska is as follows:

* * * * *

The Board's Motion for Summary Judgment is DENIED, and Bloomberg's Motion for Summary Judgment is GRANTED. Specifically:

1. The Board shall produce forwith the Remaining Term Reports within five business days of the date hereof;

2. The Board shall search forthwith records at the FRBNY that constitute "Records of the Board" within the meaning of 12 C.F.R. # 231.2(i)(1); and

3. The parties shall confer following their review of the results of the search and inform the Court by letter no later than September 14, 2009 how they propose to proceed.

* * * * *

The beneficial outcome means that many more FOIA-based lawsuits against the Federal Reserve will now spring up, and with case law on their side, the outcomes of most will likely be on behalf of the plaintiffs. This could detour any short-circuit attempts by either Congress or Senate to prevent a Fed audit, as it may suddenly not be necessary, now that there is this alternative venue to get various pieces of information, previously not available to the general public.

The Market Ticker Guy thinks this will really light things up...

. . . This isn’t about liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican. A majority oppose Obama’s policies because they fly in the face of this country’s bedrock values of personal liberty and limited government. Robbing Peter to pay Goldman Sachs does violence to that fundamentally American ethos.

We shall see but if I were to place a bet I would place it on it goes no where our government is corrupt and they will protect one another.!\




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