Monday, August 17, 2009

BO abusing the First Amendment-Left Chirp..Chirp

This Aminiistration is abusing the First Amendment and they do not want to respond to questioning about that as you can see below.

The silence is deafening now that BO is in charge abusing the First Amendment!

I can't hear you! chirp....chirp...chirp

Be careful what you say about BO's DEATHCARE! Be careful about sites like HUFF PO!

WHY? According to this LA Times report...

Sites such as Huffington Post's FundRace2008 can freely gather and post information about hundreds of thousands of campaign contributions, including the donor's name and address and the amount donated. You would be well advised to read the rest of this. Another article well worth your time America's Socialized Health care from the Campaign For Liberty is here.

Can you imagine the Outrage that would be pouring out by groups like Move-On and Code Pink had this been anyone else but their messiah? I guess they have Moved-On!

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