Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wall Street Fat Cats!!! How does it work? Obamunism


Obamunism is obamas form of fascism. This a humorous video but the reality is the obamageddon is just blowing a smokescreen to cover for his complicity in aiding them to rob you. They will also be allowed to rape, pillage and plunder you again with Crap and Tax. That is what they paid him for starting when he was a junior senator. All part of the obama deception. Like dirty durbin says the banks own the place. Today he said he wants more of your money. Obamunisn the Great Lie.

The White House proposal, which would partially pay off investors in the failing institution as a means of calming the markets (or paying back your bribes!). The dirty democrats will do whatever it takes to make sure the Fed is not audited!

With well over 230 co-sponsors on both sides of the aisle in the House of Representatives, Texas Congressman Ron Paul's effort to force an audit of the Federal Reserve is being led in the Senate by none other than South Carolina conservative Sen. Jim DeMint.

Last month, DeMint became the first Republican senator to support Senate Bill 604, the Federal Reserve Sunshine Act of 2009, and since then has talked extensively on radio and television about the importance of transparency with regard to the Fed. Yesterday, however, he took it a step further, attempting to attach the full text of S. 604 as an amendment to an appropriations bill, but the effort was blocked by Democratic Party leadership in the Senate, which refused to even allow a vote on the amendment.

Such a refusal was rationalized by the argument that DeMint was essentially attempting to legislate on an appropriations bill, a no-no which violates Senate Rule 16, which governs appropriations and amendments to general appropriations bills. DeMint, however, did not waver. He was prepared with a list of several other similar Government Accountability Office audits contained in the appropriations bill, rattled them off one-by-one, and pointed out that using the same argument advanced and embraced by Senate Democratic leadership moments earlier, each and every one of the GAO audits would also run afoul of Senate Rule 16.

By doing so, he forced Senate Democrats to essentially acknowledge that their objection to the amendment was not at all about procedure or Senate rules, but rather about an overt refusal to permit an audit of the organization so graciously and mysteriously assisting the elected left with the advancement of their agenda.

The Federal Reserve has failed to account for nine trillion dollars--that's $9,000,000,000,000, or approximately $30,000 for every single living man, woman and child--but has never in its history been subject to an audit.

The American people deserve to know what's going on, and how this opaque institution has squandered our currency and our future. I am delighted to know that Jim DeMint is spearheading this effort in the Senate, and I hope that Republicans ensure that the very same amendment is proposed alongside each and every piece of legislation possible until it is passed.

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