Monday, July 13, 2009

Harper Calls for A New World Order

Hardly a day goes by now without some Elite somewhere calling for a "New World Order" a new world currency just the other day we saw Goldman Sachs sticking their nose where it does not belong...

We have Gore saying crap and tax will bring about global governance and we know he has already lined his own pockets but who else stands to gain you may wonder?

Goldman Sachs has recently bought pieces of two carbon-offset companies, in the latest sign of investment banks’ interest in the area.

And who do the democrats want to be the carbon regulators? None other then BO's and tax cheat timmys friends at government sachs! Who by the way just stuck their nose in and had this to say...

“What relevance does the G-8 have to set the agenda on anything for the world anymore?” Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s London-based chief economist Jim O’Neill said in a Bloomberg Television interview.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc executives sold almost $700 million worth of stock since the collapse of rival Lehman Brothers last year, the Financial Times said on Monday.

The newspaper said that most of the stock sales took place while the biggest U.S. investment bank was bailed out by the government with $10 billion of taxpayer money, according to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Sweet deal!

Now from Canada.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper: "There Is Going To Have To Be Global Governance"

Watch this video...

By the Year 2012-2012 Watch these predictions from Celente they are selling CONfidence opium, hope not reality. Expect riots, food shortages and more! Celente beats Nostradamus Obamageddon is upon us.

I only know that something has to happen, and pretty soon, or we will lose this country to the international community, and we will be slaves of our masters forever. We are losing on a massive scale as our country is being taken away bit by bit. But the fact remains that our deepest seated issues are very much akin to the past... we are not being represented, are losing freedoms, and we're being taxed to death as a nation and people by a bunch of elitist that care not what or who we are as a people and nation; Action is required. If not... say goodbye to the middle class, as there will be only one class of servitude slaves in this country to feed the masters at the top.

Does everyone understand now The New World Order was not a conspiracy but the ultimate goal by the Elites who are not like the
rest of us? With the Lies and Deceit they have exhibited through the years do you trust them to be in charge of the World unfettered by our Constitution? It is a complete LIE IT will affect our sovereignty witness all the power grabs and power given to the United Nations already. Power corrupts! The leaders share the gains the rest of us will share the pain under their global governance plan. Utopia on Earth under the rule of man is not possible only those who have childlike mentalities would believe such nonsense. The Traitors in our government bail out those who bribed them and as you can see by the REAL number of job losses to Hell with the rest of us.

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