Friday, July 3, 2009

Capitalist North Korea?? Fascist America?

But, but, but Capitalism is the root of all evil isn't it?

Rare North Korean TV Ad: Drink Beer to ‘Help With Stress’

In an apparent first, North Korea — a country that struggles to feed its 24 million people — has aired a beer commercial on state television.

The advertisement, which lasted nearly three minutes after a news program on Thursday, showed a grinning Korean man with sweat on his face holding a glass of beer, with a caption that read, "Taedong River Beer is the pride of Pyongyang."

e commercial said the beer relieves stress and improves health and longevity. It also showed images of a pub it said was in the capital of Pyongyang, filled with people drinking.

Normally, there are no advertisements on television in North Korea, an isolated, communist country that tightly controls its economy and is wary of capitalistic influences.

Here in America do we have things turning in the opposite direction? Militarization here??? For whose benefit?

Zelaya's Attempted Coup in Honduras...& Obama's Pajamas : )

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Is Obama Defending Zelaya's Attempted Coup in Honduras Because He's Planning the Same in the U.S.?

June 30, 2009 (LPAC) - American statesman Lyndon LaRouche today asked if President Barack Obama's support for last week's attempted coup d'etat by former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, is a reflection of Obama's own plans to try something similar in the United States.

"All indications are that that is the case," LaRouche asserted. "Obama is betraying the mentality of a fascist dictator. Is he headed for a dictatorship? The pattern points in that direction. He is driving feverishly to impose Nazi health reforms on the U.S. He is hell-bent on the worst kind of environmentalist cap-and-trade legislation. And his London-dictated economic policies have driven the United States, and all its 50 states, into bankruptcy. Just look at the horror-show that is taking place in California."

"Is Obama sympathetic to what Zelaya tried to do because the foreign forces behind Obama are headed for an attempted coup against the United States Constitution?" LaRouche asked.

LaRouche pointed to the essential facts in the Honduran case. Then President Zelaya attempted to organize a June 28 referendum to call a constituent assembly, which in turn was to modify the Honduran constitution to allow him to run for reelection in November 2009. But such referendums are unconstitutional in Honduras, and the Supreme Court and the Congress both rejected the Zelaya initiative on those grounds. Zelaya attempted to proceed by force regardless, and ordered the army to distribute ballots, and then cashiered the head of the armed forces when he refused to carry out the unconstitutional order. The Supreme Court then reinstated the fired general; the armed forced arrested Zelaya hours before the illegal referendum was scheduled to begin, and put him on an airplane to neighboring Costa Rica; and the Congress named its president Roberto Micheletti as acting president, until new elections could be held.

"They did the right thing," LaRouche commented. "The guy's trying to make himself a dictator through the referendum, and he had somebody behind him, some other outside force. And the people in his government caught onto him, and what he was up to."

LaRouche continued: "The guy was making a coup against his own Constitution. His own government and his own Supreme Court condemned him for crimes against the Constitution. And now many of the governments in the region, and Obama, are lined up to defend him. These guys are upset because they are afraid of their own people—including the President of Venezuela. Are these governments going to be stooges for Obama when he does the same thing in the United States?" LaRouche concluded.

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bud said...

leandra is a uninformed wacko.....the vote had nothing to do with Zelaya becomming a dictator....he has staed loudly and repeatedly "I will step down on January 27 are a disgrace to "news".....pure right wing propaganda....why carry thier water?