Friday, July 3, 2009

A 4th of July Challenge to Congress

“Until earlier this month, this was a nation of laws, not of men…”, so wrote Steve Stanek at in his May, 2009 article, “Obama Extortion Shatters the Rule of Law”. The statement is well supported in the article and should raise an alarm for Americans.

Other alarms have been raised in past weeks; have you listened to some of the more courageous talk show hosts recently? They emphatically warn our country being politically hijacked; indeed, some believe the act is almost completed. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that many Americans, busy with family or other obligations, are too busy to recognize the hijack and, thus, have no reason to be concerned.

How many Americans know and understand what it means that President Obama has been surrounded by communists and other anti-Americans since his high chair days, and is presently surrounded even in the Oval Office?

How many Americans stop to consider that “Government exists by consent of the governed; however, if the governed are denied the right of self defense, those in power may exist in whatever form they choose.”

How many realize the 2nd Amendment does not give Americans a right to bear arms?

USA Today asks in a current poll, “Does the 2nd Amendment give us the right to bear arms?” 97% of 2.8 million respondents answered “yes”. Granted, the poll did not ask “Does the 2nd Amendment forbid government infringement on the right to bear arms that existed prior to adoption of the U.S. Constitution?” So the respondents took the best of three bad options, “yes”, “no” (3%) and “uncertain” (1%).

This is the money line: someone asked, “If 97% of the responses confirmed the right to bear arms, how can the government disagree?” Indeed, the next question should be: “How dare the government disagree and on what basis?”

How many realize with only one more nomination to the U. S. Supreme Court (after Sotomayor or her stand-in) that Obama, described above, will own all three branches of government?

How many believe the 2nd Amendment will survive in that setting?

How many understand the frightening significance of the advice Obama recently gave his trusting 52% constituency: that it is lawful for a President to overrule his country’s Congress and Supreme Court?

How many understand that the people who thought up the recent 1500 hundred page anti-capitalist, socialist, economy-breaking bill, that no legislator could have read prior to voting, will remain active in governmental affairs for the foreseeable future?

How many doubt that Obama is moving to grant amnesty to illegal aliens and provide for relatively open borders in order to bring in more voters?

It seems imperative that we disrupt the momentum of the bulldozer politics that are occurring before our eyes. At the least, we have got to buy time until the 2010 elections, deal ourselves some cards, or however you want to describe the action.

One tactic would be to challenge Congress to follow the law regarding President Obama’s eligibility. Obama may be eligible to serve, but it is doubtful in the absence of credible evidence.

There is such a challenge in the form of a sharply pointed, but factual 1st Amendment petition and you will find the address below.

Over the past two days, the petition has been sent to more than 60 national TV and radio figures, columnists and other public figures - most of whom are undoubtedly away for the long weekend. The petition has not yet gathered speed, but it has garnered some well known names while still in its infancy, and it will grow as many others are also broadcasting it.

Some think challenging the President’s credentials might warrant a “visit from the authorities”. Some ask, “Do we put our families at risk by such an action?

Consider for a moment the Americans that pledged everything dear to them and stepped up during the Revolutionary War and during the many battles our nation has since fought. There is a very long list of battlegrounds, a list that includes during our lifetime: Omaha Beach, Utah Beach, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Chosin Reservoir, Ia Drang Valley, Fallujah and Nasiriyah to name but a few.

Indeed, every location where an American dies in service to the nation is such a battleground because wherever we are abroad, it is to achieve or keep the peace. If only we are so lucky in the final judgment to stand with those Americans.

The petition sets out pertinent and actionable facts and it presents a specific and clear request that Congress take the action we citizens think it is obligated to take. The petition will be successful if a) it can obtain a place in the national conversation, and b) it is addressed on the floor by a member of each chamber of Congress, and efforts are being made in those regards.

If you agree with the petition please sign it and send the petition website to everyone you know: family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, every real American you know.

Thank You!

Thomas Jefferson

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