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Satan's Final Empire: The New World Order

Global Government ruled by the United Nations does that sound good to you? Pat Buchanan appeared on
MSNBC and he identified some of the problems with this TAX the American people to pay for Global Government scheme known as Cap and Trade. (clip below). While very informative there is more to the story.

There is NO REAL Scientific Evidence of Global Warming that is merely another Ploy to install a World Government a New World Order if you will. If you believe in Global Warming you have been fooled by the Global Elites (and Satan) to line their own pocketbooks.

This is nothing more than a Transfer of Power for the political elites stealing from the American people in the form of Taxation to accomplish their
Satanic Goal of Total Domination!

Political power

According to Revelation 13:5-7, and 16-18, the first beast will lead the development of the emerging one-world government, or New World Order which has been planned for centuries by the super rich behind the scenes. These power brokers are used to controlling who will be chosen for political positions, based on their ability to manipulate their pawns in high places. They will present Antichrist as a benevolent dictator. They will undoubtedly think that they can control him for their own advantage. But he will be very powerful, drawing his energy from the Devil. He will do as he pleases, though it is likely that much of what he does will also please the powerful elite group who have given him support.

Really what can we do The Resident Evil is repeatedly violating our Constitution as it is.

The problem...

The Constitution requires the president to veto a bill or sign and faithfully execute it. The time to argue against the Constitutionality of a provision is before a Bill is passed or when vetoing it. The argument can be made upon signing a bill but it according to our Constitution cannot be accompanied by a "Declaration of the power to Violate the Law".

"[P]rovisions of this bill within sections 1110 to 1112
of title XI, and sections 1403 and 1404 of title XIV, would interfere
with my constitutional authority to conduct foreign relations by
directing the Executive to take certain positions in negotiations or
discussions with international organizations and foreign governments,
or by requiring consultation with the congress prior to such
negotiations or discussions. I will not treat these provisions as
limiting my ability to engage in foreign diplomacy or negotiations."

An executive would be someone who executed the laws of congress, "Constitutional" in this context refers to's third definition of "Constitution", meaning "The aggregate of a persons physical and psychological characteristics" in other words, "Constitutional Authority" is Imperial Authority which is derived from the character of the Emperor. The U.S. Constitution does NOT create any presidential authority to conduct foreign relations (other than to receive Ambassadors and other public Ministers) but it does require the advice and consent and two thirds approval of the Senate in order to make treaties and it does give Congress the power "to regulate Commerce with foreign nations" and complete power over the raising and spending of public funds and the power "To Make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof."

In the War spending bill the sections of the law tossed out by Resident Evil obama were nothing more than ploys to win the passage of the bill including requirements that he work to strengthen labor and environmental standards at and report to congress on the activities of the IMF and the World Bank. He is not an emperor but is indeed acting like one since an executive would be required by the U.S. Constitution to "take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed" of course you remember Emperor obama as a candidate stated...

"I will not use signing statements to nullify or undermine congressional instructions as enacted into law."

Obama's first signing statement made part of the law his right to
use the hundreds of billions of dollars appropriated in that bill in
"new" and "far-reaching" ways that he would "initiate," as well as the
understanding that an "oversight board" created by the executive branch
-- rather than congress -- would oversee the activities of the
executive branch, or as Obama calls it "the Federal Government."

Obama's second signing statement declared his intention to violate
dozens of sections of the law he was signing, including sections
providing for the spending of funds, sections related to the creation
of international treaties, and sections restricting retaliation against

Obama's third signing statement, on the "Omnibus Public Land
Management Act of 2009," announced his intention to violate
requirements in the law related to the appointment of a government

Obama's fourth signing statement, on a bill creating a "Financial
Crisis Inquiry Commission" threw out a requirement that the Emperor
provide that commission with information.

Obama's fifth signing statement was applied to a bill that created a
commission and included on it six members of congress. The signing
statement declared that those six commission members ...

"will be able to participate only in ceremonial or
advisory functions of [such a] Commission, and not in matters involving
the administration of the act."

Another problem...

Remember resident Barack Hussein Obama's promises to put every bill passed by Congress online for five days before he signed it into law. Well, so far Obama has signed two dozen bills and never once waited five days. Political promises are not indicative of future performance.

Most Americans today accept as true two false assumptions. The first is that American Progressivism/Liberalism and Marxist Communism have nothing in common. The second is that Nazism (National Socialism) emerged from the Right (Conservatives/Republicans) and it is the height of folly and ignorance, to believe otherwise.

America’s founding worldview is ethical monotheism (Christian theism). Ethical monotheism teaches that there is one Creator, and He is distinct from His creation. By extension, Yahweh’s creatures (mankind) are also distinct from creation. Indeed, Yahweh has made mankind His stewards over creation. This doctrine is Dominion, and from it comes our private property rights. By extension, ethical monotheism holds that there are two realms: the natural and the supernatural.

All Conservatives and Republicans who adhere to America’s founding worldview are wittingly, or unwittingly, ethical monotheists. By this is meant that there are individuals who are atheists or believers of other religions but who nevertheless cherish and support America’s founding worldview and its principles.

By contrast, Liberalism/
Progressivism, National Socialism (Nazism), and Marxist Communism are types of monism (paganism). The word pagan comes from the Latin paganus, which means ‘of the earth.’ Monism teaches that the creation, be it matter (materialism) or impersonal world soul (pantheism) is the creator and everything, including man, is ‘one with creation.’ Man is not an individual standing outside of creation, rather he is ‘of the same stuff’ as creation, that is, he is merely an extension of nature and ‘one with’ all creatures: mammals, fish, and insects. In some forms of pantheism, man is also ‘one with’ trees, vegetation, sun, moon, stars, and so on. By extension, monism teaches that there is only one realm, the natural realm.

All of the following are types of monism (paganism):
Jacobinism (from the French Revolution), National Socialism (Fascism/Nazism), Marxist Communism, Progressivism, Socialism, Fabianism, Secular Humanism, New Age, Wicca, Satanism, Gnosticism, Liberal ‘Christianity,’ Roisicrucianism, Hermeticism, Luciferian
Theosophy, and

Of these, only Marxist Communism is materialistic monism. Secular
Humanism originated as materialistic monism but has since crossed over
into pantheistic monism. The rest are pantheist variants.
Gnosticism is occult pantheism as is
Luciferian Theosophy. The Jesus
Seminar is currently
syncretizing Gnosticism with the Bible.

When Paul debated the pagans in the Greek
aeropagus, he debated
materialists and pantheists. The early Church Fathers battled
Gnosticism, finally forcing it into retreat. Today however, America,
Christianity, and the Bible are under fierce assault by a renewed occult
Gnostic pantheism, both from within the church (
i.e, Jesus Seminar, Liberal Christianity) and without.

Monism and ethical monotheism are like oil and water, dark and light. Monism is the complete antithesis of ethical monotheism and is, by extension, totally destructive of ethical monotheism. If monism is victorious, our entire way of life—individual freedoms and rights– will be erased along with our Founding Documents. That is the crossroad we have reached in America today by taking the hard left we are on the road to Fascism/Nazism. I
n America, we have left-wing politicians preaching the message of the redistribution of wealth. However, if you examine the history of Socialism and it's founders, you soon find it's a stepping stone to the loss of freedom and the enslavement of man.

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