Monday, June 22, 2009


Mish: Obama Asks Congress for the "Power to Punish"

Did you know Resident Obama (I refuse to refer to him as President since he refuses to release information to show he is eligible) assumed the presidency under the best economic times for a new president since Lyndon Johnson became president?

You WERE better off before he took office and you WILL be Far worse off with each passing day under his "Reign".

Barack Obama took over an economy that WAS in better shape than any new president has enjoyed in 45 years.

The much maligned War spending vs Resident Barack Obama spending get a grip the business's have and that is why we are shedding jobs at historic rates.

This recession is solely the property of Resident Barack Obama. Any use or description of this recession turning into a DEPRESSION without the prior authority of Czar of Information is probably restricted.

When Bush took office in January 2001, the Misery Index — the combination of unemployment and inflation — stood at 7.93.

It was 7.63 when Obama took office on Jan. 20. He has only been in charge for six months and it was already at 8.06 on June 5th Unemployment has worsened since then!

That was the lowest for a presidential since Johnson became president in 1963. And frankly, Nov. 22, 1963, was the saddest day in the lives of most Americans at that time and in the future I predict the saddest day will have been when Resident Obama took office.

Instead of enjoying the good economy, Obama had been talking gloom, despair and agony causing the market to tank and jobs to disappear creating his own Self Fulfilled Doom.

It just was not true.

The more he talked about it, the closer to reality it will got.

Which may be what he wanted.

The Misery Index dates back 60 years. In that time, 11 men have assumed the presidency.

It was 3.28 for Dwight Eisenhower.

8.31 for Jack Kennedy.

7.02 for Johnson.

7.80 for Richard Nixon.

16.36 for Jerry Ford.

12.72 for Jimmy Carter.

19.33 for Ronald Reagan. Clearly, the worst since the Depression.

10.07 for George H.W. Bush.D

10.50 for Bill Clinton.

7.93 for Bush 43.

7.63 for Barack Obama.

I say it doubles — tops 15 — within a year because of Obama’s economy-destroying fiscal policies. Microsoft threatened to ship jobs overseas many companies could smell the BO "Winds of Change" and the false "Hope" of a President who wasn't just another Chicago Thug disappeared as they saw the stench of Corruption and LIES emanating from the White House.

False Hope or outright Chicago style spin of course Chicagoans are surprised that you are surprised after all get a clue corruption is the name of the game (LIES) on the jobs...

False Hope or Chicago style LIES on Housing?

The numbers are here. I notice the Communist News Networks like the All Barack Channel formerly known as ABC do not speak of The Misery Index now that the "Appointed" one is in charge not much talk of the continuing War spending or the further pillaging of Americans to foot the bill for the world as evidenced in the IMF money in addition to all the PORK stuck into the War spending bill either. This is the latest Misery Index I could find and it is already outdated though it is only 2 weeks old the news has gotten much worse on jobs!

If it wasn't for the Treasury artifically propping up the Economy and buying back our Debt that China is dumping out of concern over the Residents spending it would be even worse now. Who is to say that China decides to cut its losses totally since what incentive do they have to continue when they figure out the American consumer has no job and cannot buy the Poison they are selling? They are having Riots in their own country as it is with Economic conditions deteriorating and raising taxes on their own people that sparks Riots? Well mark my words by the time he is done Americans Misery Index will be at an ALL TIME HISTORIC high "Bro" can you spare a dime?

Just makes me want to do this:,0,1177440.column


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