Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ford-Chrysler-Government Motors

Ford thinks it is unfair for Government Motors to get the bailout. I think so too but then again I think the bailouts as a whole are unfair. To steal from US the taxpayers to give to another whether it be a Banker a UAW worker or a Baby Momma. Is it fair to bail out a UAW worker at the expense of a Construction worker? Especially a "White" Construction worker who the Racist Reich says should not even be allowed to have a stimulus job to steal from to foot the bill for the Banker or the Baby Momma or the UAW worker. I'll answer that for you NO it is not fair and were it anyone else but the politicians stealing from US they would be charged with a crime and deservedly so!

Aww the sentimental side of me wanted to feel sorry about GM after all in our younger days we had a 63 Split Rear Window Vette! Sweet Ride, Sweet Memories but that was yesterday and yesterdays gone and so is the sentiment it is not as if GM has really been The Heartbeat of America for quite a while. Watch this video you will see what I mean.

Hey UAW workers where is your obama now that you will be losing even more jobs overseas? More specifically UAW Ford workers ahaha some animals are more equal than others in the Socialist kingdom how do you like your Union bros over at Government Motors reaping the rewards of your vote for the Obamageddon? Rhetorical question geez sometimes I could just slap those of you who voted for these horrors or in BJ Bills case whoremongers.

As for Chrysler well the Court gave the go ahead and just look how the Obamageddon is giving the American people shaft.

Meanwhile, the two governments(Canada and the US) have agreed to provide about $8bn in loans to the new Chrysler.

Fiat is not paying anything for its 20% stake, which will give it access to the US car market.

In other words,
Canada and the federal government forced a private American company into becoming a government 'owned' company. The government has unlawfully forced the sale to Fiat, which isn't paying a penny, but the US taxpayer will be 'loaning' the money so a foreign company can take it over. Fiat HAS had access to the US car market, they just haven't been given such a sweetheart loan by the US taxpayer before. Globalism cannot EXIST without the American taxpayer funding it!

This 'deal' is the most corrupt globalist BS you can imagine, and all it serves to do is plunge the US domestic economy deeper into recession and force private business and private property into oblivion. This of course was always the goal of globalism enabled by the falsely named 'free trade' and enacted into law by
BJ Bill he got all the pleasure we got to pay for his prostitution (NAFTA,GAFTA,CAFTA) of American jobs being sold to Johns overseas!

Many many times the American people were warned about the consequences of "free trade" and globalism, but they ignored the warnings and history. I know there are "free traders" out there who must be rejoicing at the total loss of Constitutional government in America and the wiping out of the Middle Class of America just like their are Evil Socialists rejoicing in the fruit of someone
elses labour. Hopey Dopey all us common folky get to share the Misery while the Massa's Bask.

New American Standard Bible (©1995)
"The alien who is among you shall rise above you higher and higher, but you will go down lower and lower.

"The function of socialism is to raise suffering to a higher level."
-- Norman Mailer

¡Viva La RevoluciĆ³n!

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As Court Clears Path, Chrysler Is Set to Exit Bankruptcy

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