Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Commies We Don't Need No Stinking Bullets

Thanks to the traitors in our government like the clintons and kissinger (Will he ever die? Is that old freak a Vampire?) the Communists did not need to go war to kill us all they had to do was be allowed to import their poisonous crap found in baby formula to toys to the drywall in your homes! The UN has plans for you to become one of the Serfs the World and our own filthy elitist leaders just could not stand the American Middle Class. You must be brought down to the same level of suffering as those in third world cesspools.

When I was young the saying was I'd rather be Dead then Red well with out leaders many will die as a result of the poisonous crap and the plan is to make us Marxist Red. Whats in a label anyway Communism,Marxism,Socialism,Fascism are all forms of Totalitarian Governments. Chinese Communist Capitalists?

Corporatism IS Collectivism IS Communism IS Fascism

Fascism - the mandated worship of, and servitude to, the collective structure of governance - is precisely the tyranny from which our American founders sought to extricate themselves.

Are we there again?

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United Nations General Assembly President Miguel D'Escoto Brockmann intends to leave his mark on the United Nations and the global economic-political picture before his one-year term ends in September. D'Escoto, a longtime top official in the communist Sandinista government of Nicaragua, has chosen as his primary vehicle for making this mark the UN Conference on the World's Financial and Economic Crisis to be held June 24-26 at the UN headquarters in New York.

The D'Escoto-UN plan, which has received scant media coverage, is nothing short of s full-blown call for world government administered through the UN. The Draft Outcome Document issued by D'Escoto on May 8, 2009 on behalf of the "G-192" (the representatives of the 192 Member States of the UN), decries the evils of "a profit centered economy" and the current "prevailing socio-economic system" and declares: "The anti-values of greed, individualism, and exclusion should be replaced by solidarity, common good and inclusion."

How do D'Escoto and his UN comrades propose to accomplish this? The 19-page document lays out a Sandinista-style Marxist-Leninist program for the entire planet that involves global government, with a huge new global bureaucracy exercising vast powers over all human activity.
Point 78 of the document's 80-point program proclaims:
New Structures are also necessary to achieve recovery and restructure the prevailing socio-economic model. They should be created by the United Nations General Assembly who should also approve their budgets and supervised and coordinated by ECOSOC with staff support of UNDESA and United Nations Regional Economic and Social Commissions.
Point 79 then lists the proposed new UN institutions that would rule all life on our planet:
Global Stimulus Fund
Global Public Goods Authority (Sea, Space, Cyberspace)
Global Tax Authority
Global Financial Products Safety Commission
Global Financial Regulatory Authority
Global Competition Authority
Global Council of Financial and Economic Advisors
Global Economic Coordination Council
World Monetary Board (Contingent SDR emissions)
Finally, point number 80 of the Draft Outcome Document tells us that "it is not possible to continue globalizing human relations without global regulation and institutions." According to the UN document, "Our growing global problem set will also eventually require global financial mechanisms to solve them. There are serious constraints to achieving this, but until we do, globalization without global institutions will continue to lead the world into chaos. It is up to the G-192, the General Assembly of the United Nations to assure that the Global Stimulus for Restructuring and Survival generates new global institutions as part of the same process that overcomes the crisis and restructures our socio-economic model."

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Capitalism is another totalitarian Government, where those with money rule.