Friday, June 26, 2009

Are New World Order Liberals Trying To Kill Us?

Is the Left trying to Kill us? I know the Swine Flu news has taken a back seat recently even though now over a million people have been affected. Are they preparing Americans for Dangerous Mandatory Vaccinations? This journalist is claiming that the Swine Flu (yes I know they changed the name to H1N1 but I am not too politically correct) was man made. I do know that biological materials were missing from an Army lab and who knows how much is really missing? You can track the Swine Flu here.

I do know that a certain firm predicted over a 531% increase in profit from the sale of Tamiflu last year before the flu hit. I would also point out that Liberal Elites met recently to discuss Depopulation "in secret" (I know it is not really a secret if it was published in the newspaper yet I did not see it published by our own Communist nightly news so you could make the secret argument. You know full well if there were a Republican or Independent as President that would be the claim that they are trying to "Kill" us. I did notice the $5.8 billion for flu preparedness in the MILITARY APPROPRIATIONS BILL that BO had to have for his buddies at the UN.

According to (I have not verified this ) another blogger...and here.

(3) Obama has a long-term relationship with Baxter, and he has previously traded favors with them. Obama owns shares in Baxter (BAX), a key company that has been approached by the WHO to make a vaccine for swine flu. Baxter,based in Chicago, also contributed significantly to Obama’s election campaign.

Could this be The Tragedy and Hope Clinton's mentor Carroll Quigley spoke of? Baxter is manufacturing the new drug and coincidentally Baxter "accidentally sent " the bird flu Virus to Europe by mistake. A journalist has filed murder charges against the WHO and BO's buddies at the UN over this. I see there has been HIT lists made on Doctors by Vioxx and Merck over the anti-arthritis drug they produced. They better keep their mouths shut on the Swine Flu drugs I suppose if they know whats good for them. Anyway here is the video and you can make your own assumptions as to whether the Left is trying to Kill us because after all the buck stops there they are in charge and Rahm never wants a crisis to go to waste.

Obama Depopulation Policy Exposed

June 26, 200Panelists warn of the revival of eugenics under Obama’s modern healthcare through the denial of care to millions who would be judged ‘not fit to live’, just as in Nazi Germany.


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